We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mercan Asia via hello@mercan.com

  • [Portugal] How to open bank account and Tax number in Portugal?

    In order to open bank account and tax number in Portugal, the investor need to submit:

    • Bio passport page
    • Proof of current address,
    • Proof of Employment,
    • Declaration form about the source of investment fund

    Applicants from USA will also be required to show the SSN card and tax form

  • [Portugal] How to get Portuguese Passport?

    • Be of age, meaning more than 18 years old;
    • Reside a total of 35 days within 5 years in Portugal;
    • Have sufficient basic knowledge of the Portuguese language;
    • Not having been sentenced to a crime with a prison sentence greater than 3 years;
    • Are not considered by the relevant authorities as a danger to the country’s security in activities relating to terrorism.
  • [Portugal] What is the cost of program?

    Depending on your family size, the cost is different. If you want to know how much your investment would cost overall (government, taxes, fess…) please contact us for more information.


  • [Portugal] Who may apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa Program?

    Anyone can apply for the Golden Visa Portugal, except Portuguese and EU/EFTA citizens.

  • [Portugal] Starting 2022, does investment increase from 350,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR?

    It depends on which category that Investor invest, there are 8 categories Portugal GV, MERCAN category DO NOT effect by law change and still keep 280,000 EUR and 350,000 EUR only. Please visit government website here on 2021-02-12: The investment minimum increases for some categorizes; including fund, capital transfer, cancellation of residential housing in Porto, Lisbon and coastal area: https://dre.pt/application/conteudo/157236756

    Summary of law changes: Click here

  • [Portugal] Which family dependents qualify for the Golden Visa?

    • Your spouse
    • Children under the age of 18
    • Dependent Parents of Applicant
    • Dependent Parents of Spouse
  • [Portugal] What are the requirements to renew RCs?

    (a) The investor and family must stay at least 7 days per year to renew the RCs and

    (b) The marital status and dependent status must be proven at time of renewing the RCs. This is especially important for children who are no longer under 18 and children above 18 because they have to submit again the single certificate, proof of schooling, criminal records again.

  • [Portugal] Where can I get a detailed explanation for my Golden Visa needs?

    In order to get fully understand and get to know how the Mercan works on helping them to find the right investment opportunity, please contact us to know what is the best option for you and your family member.