Launching Mercan Hospitality Investment Fund

  • 22 January, 24

Mercan Group is pleased to launch a new product that qualified for the Portugal Golden Visa program – MERCAN HOSPITALITY INVESTMENT FUNDS.

According to the news published in October 2023, foreigner investors cannot invest in real estate to apply for Portugal Golden Visa.

What’s category still be qualified for Portugal Golden Visa

  1. Creation of at least 10 jobs;
  2. Minimum 500.000 €, applied in research activities;
  3. Donation of minimum 250.000€ – for Arts, National Heritage and Culture;
  4. Capital transfer minimum 500.000€ combined with the creation of 5 permanent jobs, or maintenance of at least 10 job positions and for a minimum period of three years;
  5. Transfer of capital of 500.000 €, acquisition of shares/units in a non-real estate collective investment entities.

Mercan Hospitality Investment Fund

Receiving the approval from CMVM in Dec 2023, Mercan Hospitality Fund ready for calling investors.

Fund investments have become an increasingly popular route to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Starting in late 2023, it will likely become the by far most popular investment option as the long-time favorite real estate option is being phased out.

Mercan Hospitality Fund will be the majority shareholder of three companies that develop hotel and touristic projects of Mercan in Portugal

Investment Overview:

  • Total investment fund: 140M EUR
  • Fund type: Hospitality Investment, approved by CMVM Portugal;
  • Investment amount: Minimum amount: 250,000EUR (to qualify for Golden Visa the investor must invest at 500,000EUR)
  • Minimum Investment time: 6 year


  • Expected fix income: 2% per year; collectible after 1 year.
  • No Tax on income.
  • No Annual Management fee
  • No Subscription fee
  • Get a bonus of 2% at year 8, year 10, year 12 of investment with MERCAN* (applied condition);
  • Guaranteed buyback of 100% after 6 years, or until citizenship is obtained;
  • Enjoy 7-night free at Mercan luxury hotels for main applicant and spouse

*Based on the option investment

If you have any questions about Portugal Golden Visa Funds, please don’t hesitate to contact Mercan via email at

Mercan Asia is a part of Mercan Group of Companies. Mercan Group is one of the largest and most successful professional investment immigration consulting companies, which originate from Canada and expand its region to more than 20 international companies global. Under Investment sector, Mercan Group successfully developed more than 40 projects in USA and more than 20 hotel projects in Portugal. We are the leader developing hotel projects in Portugal under Golden Visa Program.