Marriott Renaissance Lapa spends 17,000 m2 to develop the new urban park in the center of Porto, a winter lake and metro connection

  • 12 May, 23

Lapa Porto Hotel has spent 17,000 m2 to build the new urban park. It’s located in Lapa, behind the metro station of the same name, the new urban park will be built in stages. The first stage starts at the beginning of May and will take 12 months to be completed. 14,500 m2 of abandoned land at the back of Morro da Lapa were deforested and are now beginning to be leveled. The second construction phase covering over 2,500 m2 is expected to start in 2025.

A New Urban Park in Marriott Renaissance Lapa Hotel

There are two branches of an underground stream – the “Ribeira de Vilar”, which runs through Rua de Cervantes. The new urban project will bring it to the surface, allowing the green space to serve as a sponge during the winter, preventing flooding and serving as a protection dam for the riverside areas of the city. During periods of prolonged rain, it is likely that a mirror of water will appear in Lapa, similar to a lake. In addition to the planting of various species of trees, the park will have a “play path” and a “pedestrian path”.

Project for the future Urban Park of Lapa, designed by Porto’s City Council. The land was donated by Mercan Group

Marriott Renaissance Lapa Hotel

The newest 4-star hotel was built in phases. The first phase, which is located on Rua de Cervantes, is already in operation. It provides 163 rooms and elegant suites, a rooftop pool, gym, and conference space for 600 people. This is one of the largest conferences, events, and convention centers in the country. The second phase of construction, which involves a second building connected by bridges, starts in parallel with the work on the urban park.

Marriott Renaissance Lapa Hotel

Marriott Renaissance Lapa Hotel will spend 3,000 m2 on roads and another 14,500 m2 for the public park. Stay at this 4-star hotel, the tourists can feel good about themselves, easily connect to nature space, and enjoy fresh environment. Furthermore, with the large urban park of 17,000 m2, also helps improve your health and your skin and reduces your emissions for the tourists, making your stay both relaxing and enjoyable. If you would like to enjoy your stay at our hotel, please do not hesitate to book your stay with us at: contact us via email at to get special offer.

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