• 16 August, 23

Article 25 of The Act No. 237-A/2006 of the Portuguese Nationality Law; stipulates the “Proof of residence and knowledge of the Portuguese Language”. Article 25 provides information to support immigrants who want to learn Portuguese language and obtain a valid certificate, which helps to apply for citizenship after five-year residence period from the date of issuing their first residence permit card.

Please contact Mercan Asia via to get a full version of Article 25 in English.

In order to simplify The Article 25 and specifically apply to Portuguese foreign-learners, Mercan Asia has summarized two main ways for people to study in and decide effective way how to obtain a qualified certificate, facilitating for the citizenship application in the future

1. Establishment of Portuguese language courses in nationwide in accordance with Ordinance 183 and 184

a. The Ordinance No.183/2020 of August 5th, which had amended and supplemented by Ordinance No.184/2022 of July 21st, the Portuguese Government has established a program called “Portuguese Host Language” for immigrant learners. Most courses are free for people who have residence card in Portugal.

b. The courses are designed with a duration of 150 – 175 hours so that the learners can fully reach the A2 level.

c. After completing the A2 course designated by the Portuguese government, through the High Commission for Migration (ACM) learners will obtain a certificate which is qualified for citizenship applicant.

d. ACM provides a list of over 180 eligible schools and centers in nationwide, providing its residents an easy access to courses. Please contact Mercan Asia for more details.

e. Those who do not want to take the International Portuguese Level A2 exam or have difficulty in obtaining a certificate can consider going to Portugal and enrolling in a full course of the “Portuguese Host Language” A1 + A2. The certificate granted by these centers and teaching institutions is completely qualified to apply for citizenship.

2. Take the A2 Portuguese Language Test (CIPLE) through the National Assessment and Examinations Center (CAPLE).

a. The CLIPE is more difficult than the “Portuguese Host Language” course, so only those who are confident in taking the Portuguese language course first, experiencing the A2 CIPLE exam mode are capable of obtaining this certificate

b. Learners can refer to the online course of the Instituto Camoes and learn the A1+A2 training program of the Language Institute as a foundation. The curriculum design is similar to the International A2 Level (CIPLE) under 12 lessons for A1 and 12 lessons for A2. The total study time for completing these 2 levels is 6 months.

c. After obtaining A2 certificate through Instituto Camoes, learners can access the CAPLE website, which provides international candidates the time and location of the CIPLE examination. Candidates can register for the test at designated centers (CAPLE) in Portugal or internationally.

d. The A2 CIPLE is a valid certificate for citizenship application.

For those people who choose option 2, before registering for an international exam, it’s recommended that learners should follow the Instituto Camoes course, while learning more about communication skills through various study applications (Memrise/European Portuguese, Drop/ European Portuguese, Duolingo/Brazilian Portuguese, Practice Portuguese / European Portuguese) or learn using Portuguese with Anita’s self-paced online course that will provide you with all the necessary knowledge needed to pass the Portuguese Language Test (CIPLE) as well as the knowledge you need for you day to day interaction (Portuguese with Anita – Register link – learners can register through this unique link and get the special discount only for MERCAN ASIA clients). This practical training combined with 24 courses of Instituto Camoes can help to build confidence for learners before applying for CIPLE examination.