Portugal Golden Visa – The changed rules of Residence Permits for investment activity

  • 12 October, 23

Last Friday the 6th, the “Mais Habitação” law was finally published. As expected, we have obtained the confirmation that:

  1. All applications submitted until the entering into force of the new law will be fully processed, and renewal rights will be fully assured;
  2.  The analysis of all files submitted up until the entering into force of any amends will follow all existing rules and regulations;
  3. No changes will be implemented to the law regarding the adding of family members, which means that family reunification will still be possible after the changes are implemented
  4. No changes were added regarding the access to citizenship and permanent residency were included.

We’d like to point out that from this moment onwards is no longer possible to invest under the real estate categories of the Golden Visa Program. However, the remaining options, including the investment in funds remain available for a successful submission to the program. Mercan Group is preparing for new scheme of project that qualified for Portugal Golden Visa Program and shall keep the clients posted. If you have any questions, please contact us via email hello@mercan.com

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